All TV-RING pilots running

This Saturday at the municipality of Gurb (Barcelona), the first test of the Spanish pilot was started by i2CAT, TVC and RTV. The households involved in the project received a last-generation Smart TV device that will allow them to access contents and services specially created for this test. Users will be in charge of evaluating these services.

Within the framework of the TV-RING project, last Saturday 6th of December, the tests of advanced connected TV using the HbbTV standard were started. For these tests, the municipality of Gurb has been chosen, as there is large network of optical fibre provided by GuifiNet, an entity collaborating with the project.
To conduct the tests, the three Catalan partners chose 21 homes with almost 80 users. Those involved in the pilot take part in the different activities designed to evaluate and monitor the functioning of the services specially developed for the pilot. This is the first stage of the pilot, which will be followed by a second phase open to the whole public of Catalonia having a HbbTV 1.5 capable device.
This kick-off event took place in the city council of Gurb, with all the test users in attendance and was introduced by the major, Joan Roca, as well as the representatives of all the parties involved, i2CAT, TVC, RTV and GuifiNet.