Press Release about TV-RING, the HbbTV Developer Website and the Colloquium

High resolution video streaming and developer forum for HbbTV The global initiative HbbTV (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV) is enabling an increasing number of popular applications offered on living room TV sets today. Germany’s Broadcasters currently count approx. 11 million HbbTV-capable TV devices that are already connected to the Internet. The European project TV-Ring investigates what

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German local Workshop – 18.06.2015

HbbTV is the European standard for apps on SmartTV devices. In addition to the accompaniment of TV programs, it enables complex, purely Internet-based applications. Over 11 million HbbTV-enabled SmartTVs in Germany offer an attractive growth market for established web portals. This workshop shows how developers can port web content on the HbbTV Platform and explains

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HbbTV 2.0 spec released

The HbbTV 2.0 specification is the result of more than 2 years work in HbbTV as well as partner organisations including DVB and the Open IPTV Forum. For further information, please check

TV-RING at TVX2015

On the 3rd of June the workshop “People, Context, and Devices: Defining the New Landscape of TV Experiences” will be organised by two members of the TV-RING project – Joost Negenman (NPO) and Jeroen Vanattenhoven (KU Leuven/iMinds) – other European researchers and members from the YouTube User Experience team, at TVX 2015 – ACM International

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Great success of the Spanish Workshop

Last Tuesday the 20th of January, took place in Zaragoza the first national workshop organised by TV-RING jointly with the national project ConTV Lab. The event was focused on the current status of the sector, technological innovation and how the value chain of the broadcasting industry in evolving. Several stakeholders were involved in this very interactive session, with demos, round

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All TV-RING pilots running

This Saturday at the municipality of Gurb (Barcelona), the first test of the Spanish pilot was started by i2CAT, TVC and RTV. The households involved in the project received a last-generation Smart TV device that will allow them to access contents and services specially created for this test. Users will be in charge of evaluating

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Spanish national Workshop

TV-RING, jointly with the project ConTV Lab, is organising a one-day workshop in Zaragoza, at ITA (Technical Institute of Aragon). This event is focused to bring to the audience the latest trends and news of the Connected TV sector, but also, to give an overview of the current status at global level. The event will

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Dutch DRM Pilot – Payment models for high quality content, launched the 1st of December

Today NPO, Peoples Playground and KU Leuven launched their first pilot within the TV-RING project. In this pilot we offer on-demand video content in different qualities at different pricing levels. The goal is to establish the willingness-to-pay for high-quality on-demand video content, and the motivations for doing so. Furthermore, we explore novel payment models based

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RBB and IRT launch the TV-RING German pilot

TV-RING German pilot: Youth programme on HbbTV On 17 November RBB launched a special HbbTV service covering RBB’s daily teenage docu series “verknallt & abgedreht” on German TV channel KIKA as part of the TV-RING pilot in Germany. In close collaboration with IRT and Fraunhofer FOKUS, MPEG-DASH video streaming through HbbTV was integrated, including a

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