Great success of TV-RING at the #HbbTVsymposium

The symposium organised by the DTG and the HbbTV organisation closed last Wednesday 9th of December with great success and participation. TV-RING was present there with other stakeholders of the sectors, showcasing demos, giving presentations about the HbbTV sector. As said, TV-RING presented its final results with three presentation, one from each broadcaster: RBB, NPO and CCMA.  

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TV-RING – Future applications and infrastructures for Connected TV: Colloquium at IRT

The EU project TV-RING (www.tvring.eu) will explore new insights within the operation of Connected TV applications based on HbbTV. Three pilot projects spread across Europe offer the possibility of different applications such as second screen, high-resolution video streaming – up to UHD – or the distribution of multiple parallel video streams. As part of the

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