Did you miss anything TVX2015? Find out here what happened!

Large TV-RING presence at TVX2015

TV-RING partners KU Leuven and NPO had a large presence at the 2015 ACMInternational Conference on Interactive Experiences for Television and OnlineVideo (www.tvx2015.com) in Brussels: one demo, two work-in-progress posters,a workshop (with members of the Youtube User Experience team), and a fullpaper!


NPO demonstrated their second-screen HbbTV application that viewers can use to play along with a quiz on TV–Één tegen 100 (one against 100). Instead of merely watching the quiz on TV passively, viewers at home can participate witha mobile device, and play each other in the living room. The scores are displayedon the TV screen throughout the game. Visitors to the stand could participate immediately using their own device, using one pre-recorded quiz.

angry bites demo

KU Leuven on their part organized a workshop together with other researchers participating in EU projects, and members from the YouTube User Experience Team titled “People, Context, and Devices: Defining the New Landscape of TV Experiences”. In this workshop we discussed the traditional television viewing experience and looked into the ways this is currently undergoing a major overhaul (workshop link: https://projects.icts.sbg.ac.at/tvx2015/ – publication link:



The workshop was very successful: about 25 people from industry (BBC, TP Vision, Youtube, NPO), and academia participated.KU Leuven also presented two work-in-progress posters. One work described the lessons learned from designing second screen applications for TV programs such as quizzes (publication link:


The other one discussed the approach weare taking regarding context-aware TV recommendations (publication link: http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=2745197.2745208&coll=DL&dl=ACM&CFID=681419957&CFTOKEN=55367337).

Last but not least, Jeroen Vanattenhoven from KU Leuven presented his fullpaper submission titled “Broadcast, Video-on-Demand, and Other Ways to WatchTelevision Content: A Household Perspective” at the plenary track of theconference (publication link:http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=2745197.2745208&coll=DL&dl=ACM&CFID=681419957&CFTOKEN=55367337). The publication discusses how people arecurrently watching TV or video at home. Since the advent of many alternativesfor traditional broadcast TV, such as YouTube and Netflix, people have changedtheir viewing habits. The publication’s results show how people are using all these ways of watching TV in the context of their own home.

Jeroen during his intervention explaining some UX outcomes of TV-Ring.

Jeroen during his intervention explaining some UX outcomes of TV-Ring.