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The agenda is the following:

14.00h TV-RING consortium: TV-RING short presentation and pilots introduction
14.20h Miroslaw Z. Bober (Uni. of Surrey): BRIDGET project
14.35h Joachim Koehler (Fraunhofer IAIS): LinkedTV project – Television linked to the Web
14.50h Juan V. Vidagany (TIE Kinetix):SAM Project-Socialising Around Media
15.05h Frank Visser (Immovator): HbbTV in Europe status & barriers for the signal transmission
15.20h Rob Koenen (TNO): Delivering HbbTV services when the trigger does not reach the terminal
15.35h Annette Wilson (RBB): Smart TV Applications and Strategy at RBB
15.50h Coffee Break
16.15h Floris Daelemans (VRT): Radio on a TV is not TV
16.30h Oliver Friedrich (DTelekom): HbbTV in IPTV operator environments
16.45h Thomas Kuepper (EC – DGConnect): Research and Innovation Opportunities in Converging Media and Content
17.00h Ralf Neudel (IRT): HbbTV update
17.15h Sergi Fernández (i2CAT): Closure

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