WP2 Market and Requirements

D2.1 – Report on open Connected TV stakeholder forum: TV-RING has been performing several actions, explaining and engaging stakeholders of the broadcasting industry in the Connected TV Forum of the project. A well balanced mix of online (i.e.: HbbTV forum dedicated website) and offline actions (i.e.: f2f meetings, workshops) have been conducted with European key players sharing with them the concept behind the Forum and its objectives: creating a meeting point between stakeholders (e.g.: developers, content creators, infrastructure providers, etc.) where to built a living community and facilitate knowledge transfer among its members and the society. In this first version, we can discover what has been done in the first 12 month (from September 2013 to August 2014) of the project.

D2.2 List of user requirements (1st iteration): This deliverable presents the first results of task 2.2 (“End-user requirements”) of the project. The goal of this task is to understand the users who will eventually use the applications and services that will be developed in the project, and use this to generate user requirements for their development.

D2.3 – List of professional requirements (1st iteration): In line with D2.2, this deliverable presents the first results of task 2.3, now focusing on professional users. The goal of is to understand the professional users developing and distributing services for HbbTV. And provide an overview of professional user requirements related to interface, back-end, business, distribution and customer relations & engagement.

D2.2.1 List of user requirements (2nd iteration): Pilots, developments and evaluations has been done in an iterative manner. After the first iteration of deliverables D2.2 and D2.3, there is a refined and more specific research on what “End-users” require to an HbbTV application. Each pilot will dig deeper in their own use cases trying to get the final inputs for the pilots.

D2.3.1 List of professional requirements (2nd iteration): As in D2.2 (2nd interation), the same concept has been followed but now on the professional user side. 

WP3 Pilot Preparation and App development

D3.1 Service concepts description: This deliverable presents the results of task T3.1 (“Service and application concepts”) of TV-RING . This task has two main goals: firstly, to refine and analyse the concepts and requirements discovered in tasks of WP2 (mainly tasks T2.2 and T2.3) and secondly to have a first iteration and discovery of any MPEG-DASH video services required to deploy the project pilots. This document gathers the analysis of requirements obtained in WP2, compiles service concepts as storyboards and provides video parameters for the execution of the pilots.

D3.2 – Intermediate evaluation report: This document gathers all the activities of TV-RING partners to develop and to evaluate mockups and prototypes of the services to be deployed in the pilot regions. This includes all the methods used in the various iterations, as well as the evaluation results. The main inputs of this document come from WP2 in T2.2 and T2.3, mixed with the results described in D3.1.  The results are the basis for the iterative enhancements in the development process on the path to achieving the pilot services.

D3.3.1 – Service implementation report: TV-RING will execute large-scale pilots (in WP4) with innovative HbbTV applications, which are based on technologies not completely new, but maybe not used for HbbTV. The purpose of this document is to provide a concrete description of the pilot-ready applications developed within the three TV-RING pilots and open it to the HbbTV developer’s community of the world.

D3.3.2 Services And Applications: This deliverable gives an overview of the developed and broadcast HbbTV applications and services from the three national TV-Ring Pilots and shows how to have access to these by HbbTV-devices or a PC.

D3.4 – Description of technical pilot infrastructures: This document describes the deployed infrastructure of the project to carry out the three pilots. The infrastructure described will be the basis for any OTT (Over The Top) platform who wants to deliver video services such as those deployed in the project. More specifically, the platform comprises a system and back-end platform, a delivery network plus the final user setup.

WP4 Pilot execution

D4.1.1 Evaluation Plan: One of the main pillars in TV-RING is the execution of the pilots. With deployment of the services and applications in real-scenarios, there is a great interest in the evaluation of results, both from a user perspective (pro and end-users) and technical perspective. In order to obtain real value in these outcomes, it is mandatory to make a conscientious plan of actions. This detailed definition of the evaluation is also relevant for the pilot planing itself.

D4.1.2 – Pilot Execution Plan: D4.1.2 provides an overview of all actions that will be conducted in the first 12 months of project. It mainly addresses the infrastructure, contents and apps that will be part of the pilot, without going deep in technical details. Finally, it also explains how users will be involved, what will be their role and how privacy will be managed on each region/country. This document is tightly related with D4.1.1.

D4.2 Pilot execution report: The core of TV-RING is the execution of three pilots in Europe to demonstrate in real scenarios the interest and potential of connected TV services. This is an updated version of the previous deliverable D4.2 extending the reporting of actions until M28, as there have been relevant actions with users that should be included in the project evaluation.

D4.3 Evaluation results: This deliverable presents and describes the evaluation results, using both quantitative and qualitative data, of all pilots conducted in TV-RING. To make it easier for the reader, we start with the high-level overview regarding the objectives of the pilots in the project, followed by a high-level overview per pilot. Then, the main section contains the more detailed results for each pilot application. We conclude by presenting insights that were valid across pilots.

WP5 Dissemination plans and report

D5.1.1 Project and open forum website: TV-RING sketches its website in this document explaining the concept behind its first website and the communication objectives behind it. Additionally, there is also information and descriptions of the conception and implementation process. 

D5.1.2 – Dissemination plan and report: Communicating and disseminating results in an innovation project is a very important goal. In this document (and its successive updates) TV-RING describes how these objective is going to be achieved. 

D5.1.3 – Dissemination plan update: Update document of D5.1.2, giving new insights and details on the dissemination strategy.

D5.1.4 – Dissemination report (year 1): Summary and report of all dissemination actions conducted in TV-RING during the first year of the project. 

D5.1.5 Final dissemination report: Report of all dissemination actions executed in TV-RING from M13 to M30.