Other Events

Mercat Audiovisual de Catalunya – MAC (Granollers, Jun’2014): This event brings together every year all the Catalan broadcasting industry. In 2014 it was the a good platform to present the project objectives and foreseen use cases that were going to be deployed on each pilot. The presentation titled Testbeds for Connected TV services, given by Sergi Fernández (Project coordinator, i2CAT) introduced also some market insights on connected TV opportunities.

Dutch HbbTV Workshop (Hilversum, Nov’2014): A workshop was held in Hilversum, The Netherlands, in November 2014 involving several national stakeholders. During this event, it was given a presentation on the HbbTV services developed and tested within the Dutch pilot. (presentation in Dutch language)

Spanish National workshop on Connected TV services @ITA (Zaragoza, Jan’2015): A presentation given by Sergi Fernández (Project Coordinator, i2CAT) introducing the TV-RING project and all the developments done in the three pilots.

Immovator Crossmedia cafe ‘Games and Media’: The audience existed of Dutch broadcasting organizations (public and commercial), game agency and digital media agency. Joost Negenman (NPO) and Marc Veuger (Angry Bytes) gave a presentation about interactive quizzes, second screen applications and the see2gather application. They also had a demo where visitors could play along with see2gather. To see their presentation, click here.

VI Congreso CTVI (Mallorca, Oct’2015): Two presentations were given during this congress on ConnectedTV in Mallorca. The first one (Sergi Fernández, i2CAT), introducing TV-RING and its main results, complemented by an introduction about the ImmersiaTV project. The second one (Susanne Heijstraten, NPO) was focused on the findings and developments of their second screen app, See2Gather.

Immovator Crossmedia cafe ‘Games and Media’ (Hilversum, Oct’2015): A presentation given by Marc Veuger (Angry Bites) and Joost Negenmann (NPO) updated the audience with the latest results obtained in their pilot, with special emphasis on the most relevant learnings gathered during the evaluation of the See2Gather application.