Presentations @Mobile Web Symposium 2014 (Berlin)

Public Presentations


Marc Veuger (Angry Bytes) – Two Screen: Marc Veuger is an expert on 2nd screen applications, stimulating interaction between players using quiz games. During its presentation there were given some hints about how to design Apps that stimulate user engagement and presented one of its developments, the Two Screen App.

Daniel Giribet (TVC) – Connected TV Accessibility: Hbb4All is a EU funded project focused on advanced subtitling and accessible audio. The presentation gives some insights on the project and how HbbTV technologies facilitate opening TV accessibility towards cognitive challenged citizens.

Michael Eble (Fraunhofer IAIS) – Second Screen and Rich Content: Based on their large experience on different projects like FIContent, Dr.Eble explains different approaches to provide Content-based Recommendations and Linking, mostly using 2nd Screen technologies. The presentation is full of use case where application has great potential and will define in a near future new research and innovation paths.

Rene Welz (Leipzig Uni) – CasualTV: René Welz and Cristian Siehler (HTWK Leipzig) give a very interesting overview on HbbTV services and how they, through the Casual.TV project, provided some ingenious solutions targeting synchronisation and data analysis.

Robert Strzebkowski (Beuth Uni) – Augmented TV with Hypermedia: Television opens new ways of consuming media through our connected TV devices. How to deliver these new contents, from a technical and user perspective are challenges to overcome in the following years. But, which is the best way to do it?

Jennifer Mueller (RBB) – Interactive TV experience through HbbTV: RBB, the Berlin-Brandenburg broadcaster, is involved in several Interactive TV projects using HbbTV.  HbbTV Next investigates on the creation of advanced hybrid services. This presentation introduces and showcase some of the case studies in the project.