Presentations @NEM Summit 2014

Presentations of the workshop

HBBTV SERVICES IN EUROPE (Immovator – Visser): In May 2014 a group of experts, coordinated by Frank Visser, released an excellent overview on the geographical uptake and launching of HbbTV applications. This presentation goes throughout the main and most relevant results, complement with a dedicated analysis of the current status in The Netherlands.

Radio on a TV (VRT – Daelemans): Floris Daelemans gives some insights on radio evolution. With the outbreak of connected devices, radio consumption changed, opening new challenges but also new opportunities appeared.

LinkedTV (IAIS – Koehler): LinkedTV is a project which goal is to explore new ways of interaction with TV and linked contents. Its main outcome is expected to provide an innovative solution for broadcasters and content producers to deliver this content, without disturbing the audience, not losing their attention and in a personalised manner. This presentation gives an overview of the project and its different scenarios.

Independent App Discovery (TNO – Koenen): Delivering HbbTV services requires a Connected TV capable to execute the service. But, what happens when the trigger does not reach the terminal? Network blocking orHbbTV devices not fully compliant are some of the problems that broadcasters find when using HbbTV. Rob Koenen explains the problems and some solutions to overcome this situation.

SAM Project (TIE – Vidagany): Juan Vidagany presents the SAM project, a FP7 project covering social media topics like Content Syndication, 2nd Screen and Interaction.

Research and Innovation opportunities (EC – Kuepper): H2020 is the new EU framework to foster research and innovation. This presentation makes a short introduction on the media topics and gives some tips for those willing to participate in the incoming calls.

Smart TV Applications and Strategy at RBB (RBB – Wilson): Annette Wilson presents RBB’s strategy for Smart TV applications, covering topics like smart subtitling, 2nd Screen Services or App development tools.

TV-RING project NEM presentatio (i2CAT-Fernandez): Sergi Fernández, TV-RING project coordinator, gives an insight on the project activities, services deployed and running pilots.