German local Workshop – 18.06.2015

HbbTV is the European standard for apps on SmartTV devices. In addition to the accompaniment of TV programs, it enables complex, purely Internet-based applications. Over 11 million HbbTV-enabled SmartTVs in Germany offer an attractive growth market for established web portals. This workshop shows how developers can port web content on the HbbTV Platform and explains the technical basics of access. Participants learn this very practical on the basis of current applications from the EU project “TV-RING” and creating their own applications by using code snippets. Focused is the integration of high-quality and interactive rich media elements – how to integrate the broadcast program and Internet videos into an app or how television signals can trigger interactive apps. The speakers: HbbTV concept and app developer Matteo Harutunian contributed to the development of the standard. And Nicolas Patz has followed the creation and dissemination of HbbTV in recent years as a project manager for several EU projects. – See more at:

Workshop language: German

Time and date: 18.06.2015; from 09:00h to 17:00h