Hundred hours Olympics through HbbTV

Hundred hours Olympics through HbbTV
German public broadcaster ARD deploys interactive HbbTV service for the Olympic games. HbbTV is, in contrast to the Netherlands, widely used with our neighbors. All TV providers provide the HbbTV services of German public and commercial broadcasters. In the Netherlands, most providers block the HbbTV signal. HbbTV service of the Dutch public broadcasting is available almost exclusively via DVB – T ( Terrestrial) and Satellite .
Satellite viewers and customers of some small cable companies can also use the HbbTV services of ARD . This is possibe with HbbTV appropriate equipment and a working Internet connection. Who has a Philips Smart TV can also use HbbTV services . This is because Philips makes it’s Internet TV suitbale for HbbTV via a detour.
Under the heading Sportschau Olympia Live you can watch five hundred hours Olympic sports through ARD HbbTV . These are divided into four internet streams , which are readily available through television under the red button on the remote .

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Source: Totaal TV
Author: Jarco Kriek (4/2/2014)