Retevision (abertis telecom group) is the main spanish broascast network operator, managing several regional and local DTT multiplexes and all nation wide muxes. Besides analogue and digital radio stations and other services like managing security and emergency communications networks (Police, fire department, 112, etc.) is also involved in OTT services, managing its own multimedia video platform.
The role of Retevision in the project is to participate in the pilot 3 performance, which will be done in the region of Catalonia. Thus working in the platform definition, proposing and detailing all the needed components and contributing with the delivery network to implement the pilot infrastructure. Retevision is also providing its delivery network capacity to the project to achieve the video streams delivery to professional and end users who participate in the pilot demonstrations. Among the infrastructure there are other targets Retevision wants to achive like the use of MPEG-DASH standard protocol through content delivery networks (CDN) by a significant number of end users. To establish the performance of MPEG-DASH in real scenarios and the study of other technical performances like second screen apps, the use of multiple stream delivery and content synchronization are part of the company targets as outcomes of this project.