The i2CAT Foundation, Internet and Digital Innovation in Catalonia, is a research organization located in Barcelona (Spain), whose mission is to promote research and innovation in advanced Internet technology at a regional, national and international level. The i2CAT model aims to make Internet research and innovation accessible to and participated by the whole of society through collaboration between the public sector, business, users and research groups within universities.
As coordinator of the TV-Ring, i2CAT assumes the leadership of WP4, devoted to the execution and coordination of the three pilots defined in the project and also WP1, a work package focused on the management of the project. At technical level I2CAT, and in particular the audiovisual unit, is focused on the development and implantation of cutting-edge IP media and communication technologies. In the scope of TV-RING, this means being the technical partner for the Spanish pilot regarding content adaptation (trasncoding and transrating to MPEG-DASH) and content delivery systems (deploying and testing custom CDN for live MPEG-DASH).
In the framework of the TV-RING Project, i2CAT is deploying proven user-centred design methodologies to conduct user research actions for the Spanish pilot. These activities span the whole project’s duration, and include two iterations of user and professional requirements gathering, a mock-up and intermediate evaluation phase, and a 12-month pilot with real users in real contexts (the living lab approach).