Dutch services

  •  Digital Rights Management

The first Dutch service concept investigates if it is possible to differentiate in stream rate quality by using DRM technique. It’s investigation into the technical consequences and possibilities of using DRM technique but also the willingness to pay for various types and quality of content. For this service concept content of the Dutch Catch-up TV service (‘Uitzending gemist’) has been used.

Via HbbTV it’s possible to watch the Dutch Catch-up service and we wanted to get better insights in the possibilities of DRM techniques and the perception of users with respect to different subscription models.

DRM service presentation

  • In house Recommendations for HbbTV

The second Dutch service concept involved scanning all household viewing habits and making viewing recommendations for individuals on the central HbbTV set. The NPO, together with Peoples Playground and KU Leuven developed an intelligent recommendation engine dataset that enables personal or combined recommendations to be made, using such variables as time of day, device status and historical data. Basically it is about making the television smarter, enabling it anticipate who is watching.



In-house recommender service presentation

  • ‘HbbTV as a central interface for second screen competition’

The third Dutch service concept investigates how an HbbTV App can act as a central interface for group second screen play-along in a home network. In this scenario we connected all personal devices in a household or network to the central TV via a closed wifi network. An HbbTV application makes it possible to play along a second screen quiz within a household where the results of all individual players are presented on the central TV screen via an HbbTV overlay.


This stimulates competition and ‘real’ social interaction in a household. The group can be extended to friends and family by connecting through social media. Click the link to learn more about the second screen framework.

Second Screen game presentation