Lessons Learnt

“Verknallt & Abgedreht”

  • During the evaluation of “verknallt & abgdereht” we had learnt from qualitative interviews that especially young users are not so much looking for extra information – let alone written information – but prefer video content. Related content should be visible, preferably video.
  • Involving users in communication about a programme through a Social Media feed on TV works best, when “celebrities” join the chat, i.e. when actors from the series or experts join the discussion via their twitter or Facebook channels, viewers were more easily tempted to participate.

TV App Gallery

  • Professional test users confirmed that such a service would be highly relevant
  • However, finding partners to launch such a broadcast-independent service seemed difficult

“Unser Sandmännchen”

  • Amazon Fire TV has started to play a role in German living rooms
  • HbbTV apps for children are a huge chance to bring young users back to the TV screen. Especially those who have not yet established other channels for content consumption.