The German pilots

  • “Verknallt & Abgedreht” – A transmedia service for a younger audience (10-16 y/o)

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The interactive transmedia format „verknallt & abgedreht“ („crushed and captured“) was broadcast three times during the German Pilot: the first release was on national children’s TV channel KI.KA, the second phase was broadcast on RBB’s regional TV channels in Berlin and Brandenburg, the third phase – which was added later, on top of the original plans – was broadcast on the national TV channel einsfestival.
All three times the broadcast was accompanied by the transmedia service which combined TV, web and social media.

Alongside the transmedia approach, “verknallt & abgedreht” also had interesting technology features. The service boasts to have been the first HbbTV service delivering UHD videos making use of a browser switch that made sure that each device would receive the best possible content based on device capabilities and available bandwidth.


  • TVAppGallery – Opening the TVApp Market to Third Party developers

The core objective of the TVAppGallery was to allow developers and SMEs to freely offer apps directly to the general public. The current HbbTV standard does not provide any specific technology to give access to third party applications. However, the TVAppGallery developed by IRT was intended to open the HbbTV application market to non-broadcasting companies.


Register at to provide an HbbTV app for the TVAppGallery. After the account is active, it is possible to register the application there. All pilot applications (that are still publicly available) are linked here in the category “TV-RING”.


  • “Unser Sandmännchen” – Evaluating a simplified video-only service for children

When the consortium decided to extend the pilot phase, RBB used the chance to evaluate a new service as part of the pilot scheme. The application was developed as part of the FI-C2 project ( and then evaluated in TV-RING.


Based on the evaluation results for the first pilot, this application was created to focus on what users really want: the main added value is video! And, of course, as the target group ranges from age 3-7, the interface and navigation was to be simple and intuitive.

This application will remain available on HbbTV beyond the project lifetime and there are adapted versions available on smartphones, tablets and Amazon Fire TV.