German Services

  • “Verknallt & abgedreht”

The show had a documentation format with 20 episodes and aimed to cover the topic of ‘love’ from a teenager’s point of view.

The application provided additional content, complementing the TV series and the website. The HbbTV application offered image galleries, additional textual information and videos. Some of the videos had been extracted from the TV series, others, like the stuntmen interview, had been produced extra for the online services. With these, TV-Ring’s German Pilot could enable and evaluate the provision of UHD videos via HbbTV. For this, IRT developed an advanced player which recognizes the capabilities of the device which requests the content and, whenever the TV device is capable of both HbbTV and UHD video play, delivers UHD videos in the embedded player.


The transmedia service also offered voting features and the integration of a Social Media feed in the TV programme.