Spanish Pilot

Pilot 3: Catalonia

TVC (Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals), together with the i2CAT Foundation and Cellnex Telecom (Retevision), are the TV-RING members involved in the pilot carried out in the region of Catalonia (Spain). This pilot aims to deploy a multi-camera video service in High Definition. In this pilot, there is also particular interest in the distribution of contents. Thus, it has been used two different distribution networks (CDN). Firstly, the Anella Audiovisual, an advanced network in Catalonia managed by i2CAT, which interconnects several key Catalan companies including TVC. i2CAT used its infrastructure and the one provided by Guifi.NET (a third party collaborating with an Open Free Network), to test the CDN performance. Thanks to this collaboration, TV-RING has been able to reach a panel of users in the town of Gurb, delivering high-quality multi-camera video services over HbbTV. Secondly, Cellnex employs CDN technology to deliver and test similar multi-camera HD services on the general internet, used for large-scale pilots in the open pilots.

By enhancing its existing on-air HbbTV service with MPEG-DASH video playback, TVC tests new exciting services in the TV-RING pilot that allow end-users to enjoy rich new perspectives on content, including replays, different camera angles, close-ups and additional footage. Want to know more about the multi-camera, click here?


HbbTV app for the Spanish pilot delivering extra contents and multi camera service

Catalan pilot presentation

If you want to know more details about the Spanish pilot, continue visiting the following sections:

The Multi-camera service: A description of the service developed within the pilot. A useful interactive application that enables users to choose the perspective from where they want to see the content.

The pilot: A brief description of how it was organised and structured the pilot, the execution phases, our panel of users, etc…

Conclusions: What has been learnt from the several actions carried out in the 12 months of pilot?