TVX Grand Challenge

TVX2014 organises a Grand Challenge Competition and has recently announced some substantial cash prizes for the best solutions. The event is supported by the FIcontent project.

The FIcontent Challenge:
Winner: €1500, 2 Runners-up: €750 each
The BBC Challenge
Winner: €1200, Runner-up: €800
The BT Challenge:
Winner: €1200, Runner-up: €800

In addition, all winners and runners-up will receive:
* A travel and accommodation grant to attend the conference in June.
* The opportunity to meet and review their solution with key personnel from the BBC, BT and FIcontent.
* Publication of their challenge solution in the online conference proceedings.
* The opportunity to present/demonstrate their solution during a high profile session at the conference.

They have re-launched the competition web pages ( and extended the deadline for entries to 30th April.

If you have more questions you can contact the organisers on [email protected]